Auto HODL Rewards x Cross Chain Token


Up-to 20% of every transaction automatically redistributed in BNB.
Destroyer of bots, dumpers, and paper hands, we strive to become the first cross-chain community token with the highest rewards in the Crypto-verse to provide our HODLers an ”out of this world” return!

Public Sale (Sept. 21st, 2021 @ 15:00 UTC)
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Who is Daemon Doge?

Our goals and aims

Daemon Doge arises from the depths to become the harbinger of the crypto community. Daemon Doge is more than just a meme token, it is the first cross-chain community token to ever hit our crypto world. Most importantly, the Daemon Doge reward system provides our HODLers with highly lucrative returns hourly while generating additional liquidity for every transaction, increasing the value of your bag!

Our mission is simple, to create a sustainable wealth-generating token with no ulterior motives. We only want the best for our supporters! To achieve this we are implementing major marketing efforts, creating a community feedback-focused project, and have already started working on future use case implementation.

Daemon Doge’s vision is to build an ecosystem for its community that goes beyond the typical rewards system. Our goals will range from launching a Defi exchange, yield farming, and most importantly to create a token that provides value with continuous growth!

Daemon Doge needs every community member’s voice to help make the decisions along the way. In return, HODLers will be rewarded with giveaways, continuous auto rewards, and marketing efforts to grow the Daemon Doge community, establishing DDoge as an acclaimed brand.

What’s in it for me?


Daemon Doge

Real Shiba Inu

The chance to win a real Shiba Inu once we hit $25M in market cap.

Custom Dodge Demon

Zoom around in your very own Dodge Demon at $100M market cap.

Daemon Cruiser

Take on the waves with your own Daemon Boat at $500M market cap.

$250k Worth of Bitcoin

Be ready to receive an unholy amount of money at $1B market cap!

What are the perks? 


Cross Chain Projections

Daemon Doge plans to become the first cross-chain community token and migrate onto the MATIC and Kucoin networks. Once the migration is completed, we plan on partnering up with various yield farms – our potential is limitless!

Anti Bot Safety Measures

The contract address will be hidden until presale to prevent front-runner bots. In addition, we will be implementing whitelisting opportunities to ensure fairer opportunities for our supporters and keeping bots from taking over the launch.

Guaranteed Marketing

Allocated budget for presale and post-launch marketing with top-tier influencers. We are planning future partnerships with other doge/meme communities to ensure that our community keeps growing beyond our imagination!

Community Oriented

There will be no Dev wallets. Daemon Doge is fully decentralized and owned by its vibrant community. Our passionate dev team welcomes and embraces diverse perspectives, taking feedback from the members, to build Daemon Doge into the best community.


The Daemon Doge smart contract features a LP generating function, making the token deflationary while providing its hodler’s with massive rewards. The Dev team will also conduct manual token burns as Daemon Doge hits its milestones.

Instant High Rewards

Daemon Doge aims to be the highest transaction reward rate on the BSC-verse. Up to 20% of every user transaction is awarded to hodler’s decentralized wallets. The bigger your Daemon Doge bag the more you’ll be rewarded!

Safe and Secure

The Daemon Doge smart contract has been developed and audited by a veteran team of programmers. Liquidity will be locked for two years and ownership will be renounced right after launch. A full audit from Certik and other certified third-party verifiers will also be submitted.


A portion of sales tax will be allocated to our marketing wallet, which will be used to fund our milestone giveaways (see roadmap for details). We have a few ideas in mind, but in the end, it is up to the community to decide what we use those funds for!

How does it work? 



Selling (25% Tax)

  • Rewards
  • Marketing
  • LP

Rewards: 20%

Marketing: 3%

LP: 2%


Buying (15% Tax)

  • Rewards
  • Marketing
  • LP

Rewards: 10%

Marketing: 3%

LP: 2%

Token Distribution

47% Presale
33% Pancake Swap LP
8% Airdrop Wallet
7% Marketing Wallet
5% Burn Wallet
How do I buy? 

Step by step guide.

Follow the steps below to buy Daemon Doge and join our amazing community!

1. Create a wallet address 

Download Trust Wallet or MetaMask and create your wallet accordingly.

2. Add Daemon Doge to your wallet. 

Add a custom BSC token by pasting the Daemon Doge contract.

3. Buy Binance Smart Chain coin ”BNB”.

If you don’t own any BNB smart chain (BSC), make sure to buy it through your wallet.

4. Buy Daemon Doge from Pancakeswap.

Go to Pancakeswap and connect your wallet via the mobile web browser or ”wallet connect” and allow access. Next, tap on exchange under ‘trade’ on Pancakeswap and select BSC to exchange Daemon Doge by importing our contract address.

5. Set your slippage, buy Daemon Doge.

Tap the slider icon and set your slippage to at least 15% (to buy ) and 25% (to sell), then press ”swap” to obtain Daemon Doge.

What’s the Roadmap? 


The Limbo

Contract Development &
Project Execution

• Dev team consolidates all ideas and concepts
• Assembling an experienced and well-rounded team
• Planning and preparation to ensure a successful launch
• Official project Landing Page goes live
• Complete Smart Contract; back-test and debug on test-net

Building the Daemon Doge Community

All out marketing effort
Partnership with established influencers
Community referral contests
Trend on Twitter #DDOGE
Taking feedback from the community

The Lust   
The Gluttony

Token Private Sale

Launch the Daemon Doge Private Sale
• Send out custom Daemon Doge necklace to all presale participants

Public Presale & Pancake Launch

Reach 20k members in Telegram
Public sale whitelisting •
Public sale complete •
Pancake listing complete •
Give away a real shiba inu post launch •
Charity giveaway •

The Greed   
The Wrath


• Renounce Ownership
• Migration to MATIC Network
• Aim for 20,000 holders
• Manual token burns
• Continuous marketing with top tier influencers


Migration to Kucoin •
CMC Listing •
CoinGecko Listing •
Bitmart exchange listing •
BTOK and Poocoin ad campaign •
Dodge Demon car giveaway •

The Heresy   
The Violence

Global Expansion

• Daemon Doge Defi
• Daemon Doge yield farm launch
• 50,000 holders
• Global marketing takeover with billboards in major cities
• Multiple Tier 1 exchange listings
• Custom Dodge Demon giveaway

Daemon Doge Merch Store and NFT Marketplace Launch

Daemon Doge merchandise store •
Daemon cruiser giveaway •
Daemon Doge official NFT market launch •

The Lucifer 
The Treachery

The Great Migration

• Merchant payment via Daemon Doge
• Continuous community donation
• $250k BTC giveaway

What’s next? 

Coming soon…

Want to know more? 

Frequently Asked Questions

The answer is simple. Daemon Doge is community based and owned (No Dev Wallet). It's out for the long run, seeking longevity and sustainability. DDoge is more than a meme token, we aim to be the first cross-blockchain HODL reward platform. Apart from being rewarded in BUSD, our HODLers have the chance to win numerous gifts ranging from a Shiba Inu all the way to $250k in BTC!

DDoge will change the perception of the meme token stereotype. Numerous newly launched projects end up either benefiting early investors only or even worse, they rugpull. To counter that, we plan to build trust with our community by delivering on our promises from the very beginning. Become the first meme cross chain token out there. No paper hands allowed (high tax rates for a reason). No whales allowed (limit of 1 BNB in the presale). All funds received in the marketing wallet will be used to foster our marketing ambitions and actively working on our roadmap.

Given our marketing plan, utilities that we will implement and contact with top tier influencers, early investors will get in at the lowest and cheapest DDoge price possible. In addition, our earliest followers will get an honorable leader-board mention on our website and will be sent a personalized ONI mask. Please refer to our Medium private sale page for more information.

We will have a private and public sale - more information on our private and public sale can be found on our Medium page @Daemon.Doge

We are a group of developers, marketing enthusiasts, project managers and crypto believers located across the US and Europe. We are just like you and share the same passion that brought us all together - the crypto world! DDoge currently has 11 team members which includes: 4 developers, 5 project and marketing members, 1 UI/UX designer and 1 logo designer.

We plan to have DDoge on three different blockchain platforms, create a DDoge defi swap exchange, allow farming and slowly start expanding in our longer term goals that involve creating a shopping exchange - which allows you to buy and sell via DDoge. Please refer to our roadmap section above for more information on our utilities and near future plans.

You can find us on Telegram, Twitter @DaemonDoge and on Medium and Instagram @Daemon.Doge.

For any other related enquiries, please contact us at

How do I get in touch?

Contact us.

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